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Real Estate 411

Don’t know how or where to get started? Join our weekly Free Webinar.

This Class is the Basics+.  Step-by-Step to understand the Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing.  

Once you join us, you will have a firm understanding of where YOU should focus next.

Not everyone wants the same result.  Some want to Wholesale and some are going to Fix & Flip.  Others want Cash Flow. And some want to learn Commercial Real Estate.  Let’s help you figure it out!

Challenge Programs

For those that have been trained in Real Estate Investing or have a Flip under your belt, then you might need a bigger Challenge.

Periodically, we host a Challenge. Challenges include Deal Flow, Offers Accepted, and more.   

We have hosted prior Challenges via an online LIVE Zoom session along with corresponding videos and support material.  

If you are stuck or need a Boost, this is for you.

Training & Coaching (1-1)

Some of you prefer Live Events while others enjoy a Remote-Level training environment.

Considering the current situation with COVID-19 and its challenges, we are currently COACHING on a remote basis only.

That said, our CLIENTS are loving it!  

Like an online University, our programs offer world-class learning and development that creates an action plan. 

 Then…..well, you go do it!

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