Having the Right Elevator Speech

Why it is SO Important Here are three tips to help you build an elevator speech that will help you make a HIGH IMPACT. An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what your company does. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevatorContinue reading “Having the Right Elevator Speech”

Real Estate Market Update

Hottest Markets Right Now Whether you’re just starting or building your retirement or are making your living with real estate investing, it is important to know what the market is doing right now. Below is the latest data that just came out from the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Just as important as knowing what theContinue reading “Real Estate Market Update”

Refresh and Prep= Sunday

Use this day to refresh your brain battery and take a little bit of time to prepare for your week. Set your priorities for what you WILL GET DONE this week. Don’t forget about you! Hit your professional and personal goals this week. Goals are simply focused effort. Stay focused. Have a good work lifeContinue reading “Refresh and Prep= Sunday”


I have a great property under contract, but I have a huge problem… I have no money! This was me pacing around my kitchen and living room 8 years ago. Two things I have learned over the years of real estate investing are 1. You need money to close deals and 2. There is anContinue reading “THE ART OF RAISING MONEY FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE INVESTING”

Top 6 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

I am often asked, “What are some mistakes that you see new investors make when starting this business?” Here are 6 I see almost daily: Not treating it like a business Not learning the “rules of the game” Not having direction Not knowing the numbers Not planning ahead Having an ego Not Treating it LikeContinue reading “Top 6 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make”