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We specialize in helping real estate investors make Bigger Profits, Operate More Efficiently,
and Close More Deals.

If you really want to have a performing Real Estate Investment business, become more proficient, and systemize your business, then we can  help you.

We are known to be pretty “great” at Coaching Real Estate Investors.  Here are some highlights:

Business Lead

• Masters in Executive Leadership
• Bachelors in Business Administration
• Own/Operate Multiple Businesses
• 20-year United States Marine

Work History:
• Over 12 years in Real Estate investing
• Coached and Trained thousands of students/clients
• Leadership Development Consultant
• Program & Project Manager
• General Manager at General Motors

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
• Amazing Testimonials
• Multiple Military Awards
• Developed mobile water program saving time/money
• Featured on FOUR reality TV shows
• Featured in hundreds of publications including TIME, US Weekly, TV Guide, National Newspapers
• Keynote speaker for Fortune 100 companies
• Celebrity & Fortune 100 company endorsements

Other Info:
• Bought and sold Real Estate in 6 states
• Started companies in 3 countries
• Have customers in over 40+ states around the country
• Led and Developed small and large groups
• Coached and Trained thousands of students/clients
• Co-led largest national truck advertising campaign
• Presented in over 20 states
• New Dad at age 47
• Love to golf and wish I was better
• Love animals….especially dogs
• Had a business partner go very rogue
• Multiple Tours in “hostile areas”
• Fully capable in building Teams of all sizes
• On a Mission to Coach remotely and have a blast doing it

Real Estate Coach Team Lead

• Self-Taught Real Estate Investor
• Active Real Estate Investor for 18 years

Work History:
• Purchased houses to wholesale, fix and flip, and buy and hold
• Helped train thousands of investors in almost every state
• Made offers either for myself in every state but NH, VT
• Raised well over $2 million in private funds

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
• Currently own real estate in these cities:  Huntsville, AL  San Antonio, TX  Corpus Christi, TX  Columbia Falls, MT  Kalispell, MT

Other Info:
• Bought real estate in California, Utah, and Florida besides the above
• Currently have a 4 plex, duplexes, and single-family residences
• Loaned private money out for deals and borrowed hard money and private money for purchasing real estate
• Bought real estate using several different avenues; Lease options, wholesale deals, subject to, etc.
• Sold wholesale and bought wholesale deals
• Interviewed over a 100 HMLs with different investors while training them . Personally used 4 different HMLs
• Spoke with and interviewed 100s of GCs
• Helped train over 1000 realtors
• Made over 1000 offers either for myself or helping investors
• Helped thousands of investors build their teams
• Assisted 100s of investors get their first investment property and saved countless investors from buying properties they would have lost money on
• Tony married me
• I love teaching

**And a Special Shout Out to Cherie and our other Coaches that are Super Awesome providing incredible love and support every single day.  We appreciate and adore YOU!**

When you want to make Bigger Profits, Operate Efficiency, and Close More Deals, you need the true experts in Real Estate Investing.

We will definitely help you have a performing Real Estate Investment business, become highly proficient, and systemize your business!

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